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Intake & Exhaust Valves & Valve Tappets
The car tappets and intake valves produced by Ansla Technology have the characteristics of high precision, high quality, and affordable prices. They are well received by the market. Welcome to consult!
The working principle of car tappet and intake valve: As the engine heats up, the components of the valve train are heated and expand, causing dimensional changes. Therefore, in the valve train using rigid tappets, there must be a certain gap between the valve stem and the tappet (or rocker arm). Before the camshaft comes into contact with the valve, the cam profile lifts the tappet to eliminate the gap. Then, the parts of the valve train move as a whole. When the air is closed, the camshaft base circle turns to the bottom of the valve lifter, the air valve mechanism reappears a gap. When the engine is working, the valve will expand due to the increase in temperature. If there is no gap between the valve and its transmission parts in the cold state or the gap is too small, the thermal expansion of the valve and its transmission parts will cause the valve to close in the hot state. Lax, causing air leakage during compression and work strokes, reducing power, and even difficult to start and burn the valve in severe cases.


    We always believe that all the company‘s success is directly related to the quality of the products we provide. The company takes "professional quality, excellent service" as its purpose. We have passed ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, BSCI, IATF 16949-2016 and AS 9001 quality management system certification.
Automobile air inlet and outlet valves/air lifters have passed various certificates, such as ISO4427 certificate, CE certificate, and BS6920 test report.

Ansla is a leading automotive supplier in China, and our products have been exported to many countries in the world.
Ansla is committed to providing the best quality camshaft/bearing sleeve engine system for all customers around the world. We look forward to becoming your reliable partner for automotive engine systems.
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