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Cylinder Head Gaskets
The cylinder head gasket is mainly used to ensure the sealing element between the cylinder block and the cylinder head joint surface. Since the cylinder block and the cylinder head cannot be absolutely flat, a cylinder head gasket is required to prevent high-pressure gas, lubricating oil and Cooling water sprang from between them.
Cylinder head gaskets of automobile engines are used in:

Automobile engine cylinder head gaskets are mainly used to ensure the sealing effect between the joint surface of the cylinder block and the cylinder head, and prevent high-pressure gas, lubricating oil and cooling water from escaping between the cylinder block and the cylinder head.
There are two types of cylinder head gaskets:
1: The metal asbestos mat uses asbestos as the matrix and is wrapped with copper or steel skin.
2: Braided steel wire or rolled steel plate is the skeleton, and some metal rings are added around the cylinder hole to improve the strength.

The role of automobile engine cylinder head gasket:

1. It is an important gasket on a car, and it is more likely to damage the gasket;

2. The cylinder head gasket is in contact with high temperature, high pressure gas and coolant, and it is easy to burn out during use, especially at the edge of the cylinder mouth;

3. Therefore, the cylinder gasket is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, has sufficient strength, has a certain degree of elasticity and thermal conductivity to ensure that it can be reused and has a long life.


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