Basic Surgical Operation Instruments
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Surgical Tools
Ansla Technology specializes in the production and sales of commonly used surgical tools for medical machinery
Serial number Name Product name examples Management category
1 Medical suture needle (without thread)
2 Basic surgical knife Scalpel handle and blade, skin knife, wart peeling knife, lancet, spatula, shaving knife, dander scraper, picking knife, sharp knife, pedicure knife, manicure knife, scalpel
3 Basic surgical scissors Ordinary surgical scissors, tissue scissors, comprehensive tissue scissors, stitch scissors, plaster scissors, dissecting scissors, gauze bandage scissors, educational surgical scissors
4 Basic surgical forceps Ordinary hemostatic forceps, small blood vessel hemostatic forceps, mosquito hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, cemented carbide insert needle holders, ordinary needle holders, wound crimping forceps, skin pressing forceps, bullet forceps, gauze peeling forceps, sponge forceps, Pa towel pliers, skin tube pliers, instrument pliers
5 Forceps for basic surgery Small vessel forceps, non-invasive forceps, tissue forceps, plastic forceps, needle-holding forceps, health forceps (simple forceps), plucking forceps, par towel forceps, dressing forceps, dissecting forceps, hemostatic clip
6 Needles and hooks for basic surgery Aneurysm needles, probes, hair pushing needles, hair transplanting needles, picking needles, straight-pointed needles for teaching, vein retractors, wound hooks, flat retractors, double-ended retractors, skin retractors, dissecting hooks
7 Other basic surgical instruments Blade holder, anesthesia mask, anesthesia mouthpiece, illuminated suction head, acne remover, blackhead extruder, skin curette, skin cover scraper, skin scratch tester, skin examination ruler, skin tissue drill Hole device, mouth device, cotton roll